Sometimes I feel like I’m a psychopath.  I laugh, I cry, I go on in front of everyone like nothing’s wrong. But deep down, I want to smash my head against the wall just to feel something. I don’t feel down when someone scolds me, I don’t feel contented when I get something I want. … More Confessions

Searching – Review

If you’re looking for a mindblowing movie to watch this weekend, stop searching and watch Searching. Ever since I watched John Cho in Columbus, I was in awe of his performance. After that, he proved his mettle once again in the Exorcist by acting both as a loving orphanage caretaker and a grief-stricken man possessed … More Searching – Review


Friday Fictioneer! Every week Rochelle provides us with a picture on which we have to write a complete meaningful piece in just 100 words. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sandra Crook. To read more stories for this prompt, click here. My daughter loved that abominable stack. She always used to climb it and … More Blame