OCULUS – A mirror can be scary!

Ever had a feeling that the past is swirling into your present? No, well then you should look at OCULUS and see what happen to people when it does.

A small girl looks through the door, her father is carrying a gun and searching for her and her brother then suddenly someone is pointing a gun at her, but it is not her dad.

Excited enough …….????

I saw that on IMDB, there are only 30,000 something people who rated this movie. Although ratings are above the general average meridian of horror movies. So I felt like it is my duty to tell people about it, sure some will like it, some will not (mostly would, I think). So here is how I think it was.

Oculus is a horror drama about a woman who tries to establish that the murders, one of which landed her brother in the juvenile penitentiary, were actually the deed of a mirror. So, she went on collecting a number of substantiation, which is reasonably compelling for the vindication of her brother from the accusation of murdering their own father. When her brother comes out, she somehow manages to get hold of that mirror, and the house where they used to live 11 years ago and build a set to demonstrate her point. After that, the mirror starts to show some real colors.

It takes the woman and her brother to a traverse back in their past and back again, which it does so flawlessly so that they didn’t even apprehend what is right and what is not, is something happening right now or it happened a long time ago. The mirror is playing with their minds. Will the woman and her brother succeed in their quest? Or they would end up like they did 11 years ago? You have to watch it yourself to know that, but I am here to state what impression it left on me.

Why I liked it….

Directed by Mike Flanagan, who we are familiar with for directing Absentia (well, I know him from this because I liked Absentia very much), this movie is really a treat for all. I covet for horror movies, especially those with a good story, and not just creepy faces and gory killings (but I do like some of these qualities, a combination of all of them is the best, but clearly you are not going to see that much in OCULUS). Oculus is a movie of good writing, great direction, and nice acting. It is unsettling having a feeling that someone is messing with your head, but it is fun to watch a movie where it is happening with others. This movie clutches your hand and takes you with as Kaylie (Karen Gillan) and Tim (Brenton Thwaites) Russell spirals amongst their present and past. This movie provides a disturbing feeling and a wise finale. Everything seems connected, that is what missing in many a horror films nowadays. Although it had anticipated a little additional ‘I jumped from my seat’ instants. I wish the film had more elements to surprise me.

Acting Department

Anyways, kudos to the acting department. Karen Gillan (a question for those who have watched Guardians of the galaxy, did you remember her? Blue face bald head Nebula…..!!!) was decent, so was Brenton Thwaites (the prince in Angelina Jolie’s Maleficent), but who trapped my eyes were the parents. Yes, Katee Sackhoff and Rory Cochrane were brilliant. Amazing performances both as ‘loving and killing’ parents.

The mother, Katee acts flawlessly in all of her avatars, when she is happy, when she thinks her husband is having an affair and when she is converted into toothless child killer animal (sorry to reveal that, but that is not much, I wrote this just to make you excited to watch it.)

Now there is a scene when the father is explaining something to his children and when he stops, the backlights in his room shut off, the intensity in his eyes was really creepy. Although his transformation from ‘nice’ dad to ‘Amityville horror’ dad was quite unclear, but he carried it off nicely.


Watch it…!!!

There are moments when you feel a chill in your body. Like if you have seen the trailer, there is a seen where there are an apple and a bulb placed side by side, and Karen accidentally ate the bulb (or did she? ), it was amazing. Also, I saw it again with my friend and after watching it whole, he turned towards me and asked, all dazed and confused, “What was that ?”. I explained him and cleared his doubts about the film as much as I can and after that, he said,”Oh..! I get it”. So the point it some people may find it difficult to follow the rapid transitions between the two times, but if you make it through the first 20 minutes, you too will get it.

So all I’m saying is that you should watch it, as there are plenty of horror movies with same formula presenting to you on a different platform. But this is something original. So watch it and please rate here.


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