Sense8 – Christmas Special


I used to check the internet all the time for any news about the next season. So when this special came out of the blue, I was more surprised than happy. I was disappointed that they made us wait so long, they shouldn’t be getting away with just one episode. Well, my anger faded after watching it. The problem is that they left us again wanting for more. But it is good they gave us something to look forward to for the next season, a buzz among us fans.

Sense8, if you don’t already know, follows the life of eight individuals living far away from each other who somehow got connected after an unfortunate event. All of them help each other in various ordeals of life while there is a bigger evil waiting right around the corner to destroy them. This Christmas special gave us a glimpse of their life right after the finale of the first season (while was amazing, by the way). Also, it moved the story just a little bit to keep our minds going. Now, I am never shutting up about this episode, I know it.

The thing which I like the most about  Sense8 that it feels surreal. It blends the life of all the 8 characters almost perfectly. This, they kept with this episode also. The characters celebrated Christmas together, even if they were far apart from one another. They laughed together, cried together, they celebrated what they have, together.

I rarely review specific episodes but this time I felt the need of just writing something about it. This is that one show which is unique guys. I just can’t wait for the next season.

 Next season will be released on May 5 on Netflix.

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