Hope gets me going….

I do not make new year resolutions. I am sure that I will break them before the break of the dawn of February 1 (obviously, I will follow it for at least a month, what’s the matter with you!). Then I will take it casually, make jokes about it, laugh it out. I seriously hate people who follow their resolutions. Mostly because I am jealous of their determination, their self-control (these two words made me remember some of my resolutions which I took years ago, a story for some other time). So when I saw this prompt, “Hopeful”, the first thing that came to my mind was that I hope that this year will be better. I’ll try my best to make it so but I am not taking a resolution as such.

And why should I? I am a very spontaneous(euphemism right there..)  person. I like to just go ahead with the plan if it interests me. I just don’t ever want to say, “Yes, I like it, but see, I made this resolution this year that I will not…..”

So, I just hope that next will be fun. I hope that I’ll be a part of something amazing next year. So, I am not going to restrain myself because I don’t know what such amazing things I would miss. I hope I’ll stay in touch with all my friends because it’s our choice, not because we promised that we will call each other every month. I hope that wherever I go people will be happy to see me.

I think all this is fairly possible. I think I’ll be alright. I am hopeful.

1 thought on “Hope gets me going….

  1. Let us all hope for a brighter year full of pleasant surprises! 👍🏻🎉🎊


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