Those Days are Gone…

Gone are the days when I used to be the best at everything. I used to take pictures from my 2 megapixel camera and my relatives would say that he will surely be a great photographer some day. I used to scribble some words which won’t even rhyme on the paper and my sister would say that wow! my little brother is such a great poet. My father used to save every one of my drawings in a file. Sometimes I knew that most of what I do doesn’t make sense but still I would do it again. I used to be such a star in everyone’s eyes.

Then, I grew up.

Gone are those beautiful days.
Childhood is like a dream to me. I cannot remember most of it, but I long for it. If only I could just glimpse it one more time. My family tells me such great stories about me. But, this child which they talk about is so much different from me. I cannot just run around and play recklessly without thinking of the consequences, like falling. I cannot just write anything and post it without thinking a hundred times if people will like it. But that child was so brave, so full of life and so careless. I just want to pull him from the photos and tell him to be like this always. But, those days are gone.

Now, I am not the central character and the world is not a movie. The world runs at its own pace and I am just a tiny part of it. I think as we grew up, we all realise this some day and choose to get on with our lives as we know that nothing can be done about it.

All this goes around in my head a lot and I question if there really is a point of what we do. Should there really be a path which I follow? Is it so important to have a goal in your life?

What I think is, maybe. What do we know if there is or isn’t. If you have a goal in your life that’s great. If you don’t, that’s okay too. Your goals can also change a hundred times while you are still alive.

In my case, right now I want to find the bravery and carelessness which I lost somewhere on my way of becoming an adult. I will keep you posted if I achieve any of my small term milestones. But what I think is, if there is still a slightest possibility that I find what I am looking for, are the best days of my life gone already? Or are they yet to come?

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