Big Fuss about Nothing…

I just came inside the classroom and sat on the first seat I saw (analysing very fast if it would be a safe place to sit, as in I would be able to sleep without the professor catching me). The professor entered right after me. He is a strict one. Above 80, he is known for giving long boring lectures and shouting at people for apparently no reason. So I was looking for my friends because I cannot attend a 4 hour-long class without saying a word to anyone. To my horror, I find the most studious girl, known for asking too many questions in the class, sitting next to me (the analysis failed big time!). I knew I cannot talk to her, so I took a look around and found one of my friend sitting just 5 seats and an aisle away from me. Also, there is an empty seat right next to him and he is calling me! But the professor has already begun throwing bullets of jargon! What should I do? This passage between us was getting wider. Should I cross it and sit beside my friend or just sit here so that I do not get into trouble?

When I am in situation like this, I have a tendency of making the problem big, like a mountain. Then, I try to find all the possible ways to go around that mountain. For me, this task of going through the aisle was like Crossing a turbulent river. If I crossed it successfully, there is food and shelter on the other end (I was really Tempted by the chocolate my friend was eating, I decided to kill him if I make it) but if I fail, my body will Float downstream and I will be at the mercy of god (In this case, my reputation will be in the hands of my horrible professor).

He turned towards the board. This was my chance! The river looked calm somehow and safe to cross. My friend and the chocolate in his hand looked at me, hoping that I make it in time. I stood up. My seat slid back a little with a squeaking sound. A mistake! He did not turn around. He was really engrossed in whatever he was teaching, I made a mental note to study this topic later from the girl on next seat. I made advance crossing 2 seats.Then, I was in the middle of the aisle. I was half an aisle and 2 seats away from my destination.

Then it happened.

That girl from next seat raised her hand and PROCLAIMED that she has doubt. She looked at me and threw me a sly smile (I am sure I did not imagine it). She framed me. I shredded all my mental notes at that time. The professor turned, looked straight at me and forgot that someone asked a question. This was it, I closed my eyes and prepared myself for the end.

“What are you doing standing in the middle of the class?”, He asked. There was no point in lying about it now, it was out of my hands from now on. I told him that I was going for that seat over there, pointing at the seat next to my friend (who, by the way, was looking at me as if he saw me for the first time in his life).

“Well go on then, sit. Don’t waste my time!”

That was it. THE GIRL was disappointed. I looked at the professor for a while and then went on to sit beside my friend. I planned so much and when it backfired I got to know that there was no need for a plan in the first place. I spent the rest of the lecture trying to seize the chocolate from my friend and contemplating why do I make mountains of hills (in this case, it wasn’t even a hill, like a mole hill or something smaller). Why do I always have to make such a fuss about nothing. I over think every situation.

So, from that day I made a mental note (the return of mental notes) that I will not obsess over obstacles so minute.

If I would not have wasted so much time trying to analyse this situation, I would have grabbed a bigger chunk of that chocolate.

Next time, I’ll plan it better.

I am doing it again, aren’t I?

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