A twist in the end – Nocturnal Animals

Conventional Wisdom

Have you ever tried to imagine what happened to the characters of a movie after it has ended? You must have. It is so exciting to extend the stories right? It feels like we are giving life to the characters. It mostly happens when we relate to any one of them and just want to see them living a happy life afterward, even if the writers of these movies won’t let them.

Being an ardent movie follower, I tend to do that more often. Recently this happened when I saw the movie ‘Nocturnal Animals’, an awesome movie by Tom Ford.

If you have seen this movie, I have an unconventional extension for the ending to discuss with you. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’ll suggest that bookmark my blog and read it after you have seen it. ;P As this blog of mine will be full of spoilers.

Nocturnal Animal is a fantastic tale of love and betrayal. I’ll summarize it quickly so that we can focus on the last scene. Susan receives a book from her ex-husband Edward, which is his first novel. The novel tells the story of a man who gets into trouble with some tormentors while traveling with his wife and daughter. As a result, his wife and daughter are killed, after which he throws everything for finding the tormentors responsible.

Susan develops an interest in this novel but also starts to interpret it as a revenge tale. To her, it seems as if Edwards wants to convey to her how much pain she has caused him by leaving him and not believing in him.

In the end, Susan messages Edward, congratulating him on his superb novel. They decided to meet after such a long time. We can see that Susan is very excited (her current husband is cheating on her, this encounter with Edward could be an exciting thing to happen in a really long time). So she is dressed to kill, sitting in this posh restaurant waiting for Edwards in the last scene.

Edward stood her up.

Now, that is the last nail in the coffin. He got his revenge. He made himself desirable again in his ex-wife’s eyes and then left her like she did once. I loved the ending. The entire time I was rooting for Edwards and when he gets his revenge, even if it was a trivial one, I was happy. But, what if there was something else.

Now, comes my unconventional extension, or you can say, a thriller sci-fi sequel for the film. I gave Edward the ability of precognition. He always had that, right from his childhood. he tested it by marrying Susan. He knew that she would leave him after some time. He tried his best to change the future but couldn’t. So, he knew now that he does not have the ability to change his own future. He has to rely on someone else to change it for him. So, when he saw his family and himself dying he did not know what to do. He has to take help from someone to save them. But he and his family can not change the future because they are part of it. Also, there some mysterious organizations in the world trying to finish the kinds of Edward, so he cannot explicitly tell anyone what is going to happen, revealing that he has such a great power, as THEY must be watching. After his divorce with Susan, he never confided in anyone else, also, he knew that deep down he still loved her. So, she is the only one he knew apart from his current family. What did he do to overcome this problem?

He wrote a book about it and sent it to his ex-wife.


Funny right? Wait it’ll get even better. Now, in his book, he effectively hides his own identity and creates some fictional characters such as a teenage daughter. But, Susan should know by careful reading that the protagonist is the mirror image of Edward! She should be able to interpret the truth that this has something to do with Edwards’ life and should try to change it somehow.

That’s exactly what she did. She called him and set up a meeting. But that became her biggest mistake. The mysterious entities intercepted the message and captured Edward before he can reach the restaurant where he was to meet Susan. (Yes, Susan! He was right there in the driveway!) They killed him afterward but at least he saved his present family. In this situation, it was the mysterious organization’s men who changed the future, with a little help of Susan’s message off course.

So, when Susan was reading the book, the moviegoers were watching the book coming live on-screen and we were actually watching what was going to happen to him.

I know I know, there may be plenty of plot holes in my interpretation but here, Edwards was not just rejecting a girl he once liked, he is a superhero with special powers, who is still desired by his ex-wife, who goes out-of-the-way to save his family and who is an awesome author!

So, this is what I want to believe happened in the end, that Nocturnal Animal is not just drama and thriller, it is sci-fi, action, mystery, fantasy all mixed together in one.

Thank you for bearing with me till the end. I hope you enjoyed it. Even if you don’t agree with it I hope you find it funny.

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