When I watch a movie with my friend

I got a lukewarm response from my friend. “Well, what’s so special about it?”, he said.

“I am literally going to hit you on the head with this chair”, I said.

“It was good but it was not THAT good”, he said.

“What the hell does that even mean!”, I screamed.

I was looking at my friend’s face all the time rather than watching the movie to see his reaction. There was no reason anyway to watch the movie which I have seen at least 10 times before. Then he said that the movie was just okay!

Whenever I watch any movie with my friends, I try to make sure that they like it. So, I look for a kickass movie which they SHOULD watch and which I can watch again. I love to observe the expressions on their face while they watch it.

This time, we were watching Spring. A rare gem, if I may say so. This not so simple love story is fantastic. I can not remember a time when I was not smiling when I first watched it. Everything about it is what it should be in a supernatural romantic drama, fresh star cast who also know how to act, great chemistry, then one has a dark secret which creates a question in the mind of the audience, will they live together happily ever after or not? if yes, then how?


I always had an affinity towards such unconventional movies, the one which makes you fell in love with the weirdest characters.

I asked my friend, “Have you seen ‘Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind’?”

He said, “Yes, that was such a weird movie! I stopped it after watching for about an hour”.

How can you not like eternal sunshine of spotless mind! It’s like saying you don’t like…..pizza!

I gave him one last chance, “So, have you watched movie any recently which you liked?”

He said, “Yes! the latest Resident Evil is so COOL! And if we talk about romantic movies, I love fifty shades. Also…..”

I wasn’t listening after that. My friend is beyond saving.

“So, Let’s see another one tomorrow. This time something light, okay?”, he said.

I said, “Sure! How about we watch Scary Movie 4 tomorrow?”.

His eyes lit up like it’s Christmas.

Here are some of the most memorable scenes from the movie.

Watch the Spring trailer here.

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