Logan – review of an awesome emotional drama

Buzz was all around about this one. Many have been waiting for long to watch it. The trailers were remarkable. I was eager too, but I was skeptical about it at first because I have seen the first two wolverines. Now, as I am here writing this review, I just cannot stop thinking how oddly satisfying that movie was. I was glad to see a marvel movie that is SO NOT marvel. It had elements which we do not expect a superhero movie to explore. That is why I can say with no doubt it was a breathtaking emotional drama.

It’s 2029. Wolverine is old and a junkie. He drives a taxi for a living, just keeping his head down hiding from his past. He helps around to take care of Charles, Professor X who is not capable of what he was once. Mutants are gone. What is left is a life which is hard for everyone, with only one purpose – survive, somehow. It was really gloomy seeing two of our beloved characters in circumstances like this. Then, they found a purpose. A girl, mutant, just like wolverine and then begins the ultimate chasing game.

Some of the scenes were so powerful, you just can’t help but feel bad for the characters, especially Logan. Quoting Pierce, played by Boyd Holbrook, “Logan, just seeing you like this broke my damn heart!”.

Also, the movie is brutal to the core. Everyone in the theater was gasping during the action sequences. This is not it. The movie plays with humor effortlessly, placing it at precise points in the perfect amount. The character development is so strong, that you will overlook that they have superpowers. I remember there was this one conversation on-screen and it was such an emotional one that I was thinking about it long after it was done.

The actors did a wonderful job. For Hugh Jackman, I have no words. For me, it was his best performance so far. Patrick Stewart’s old sick Charles will unquestionably be remembered for long. Daphne as the young girl was superb. I don’t know how they managed to show the kind of fight she did but it was something incredible to watch. A special mention should be given to Boyd Holbrook, who played mean villain Pierce. His humorous demeanor and southern accent added to the charisma of his role.

So, go watch Logan as soon as you can to your nearest theaters. Some would say that it is the best superhero movie they have seen in a very long time. I would say that for me the best would be Civil War. This is because I won’t put Logan and other superhero movies in the same category. Logan is something different altogether. All the more reason to watch it right?

I would give Logan 8.5/10.

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  1. planning a Logan Eve this Sunday…

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