When doctors go blind…



“Sir, but he will die!”

“I can’t do anything until the police arrive. I don’t want to get in any kind of trouble.”

Dr. Fernandes told his junior doctor to calm down until the police come. The junior Doctor, Dr. Patel was looking at the patient’s bullet wound. He was sure that if nothing was done in the next 15 minutes, he will die. But Dr. Fernandes was reluctant to operate. He does not seem to notice (or care about) the pain in the patient’s eyes.

They eventually came. Told the doctor that it was a mistake and the patient was just a bystander when the goons were shooting at each other.

Dr. Fernandes casually strolled towards the patient, checked the pulse and stretched the blanket to the top of the body.

Dr. Patel was furious. Dr. Fernandes found him near the patient entry register, with his stethoscope an a pen on the ‘time of death’ column.

He looked at patel who was staring right back, then he looked at the register.

The patient was lying in the hall, unattended, for 2 hours.




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  1. Yeah, I’d want to punch him!

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