To live with the truth he now knew…

Photo prompt by Tim Livingston with blog, The ForesterArtist

There it was.

Exactly where she told him it would be, where she left it 15 years ago. Far away from their house, in the middle of the woods. The way she hid it, it was no surprise nobody could find it, till now. She said she remember that day as if it was yesterday.

It all started when he decided he could not take it anymore. He was old enough to know the truth his mother hid from him for so many years. That day, she told him.

She was very young when they got married. Her husband used to drink a lot and hit her almost everyday. He was not happy with the fact that she decided to keep the child, because of which he had to marry her. One day, he approached the crib of the baby with a baseball bat. That was it.

She told her son where exactly he would find his father’s car. Also, what he will find in its trunk.

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