When you know an online Rageaholic

A very informative blog about something a lot of us don’t even know the meaning of. Written by Madeline Scribes, do visit her blog and read other posts as well.

Madeline Scribes

This seems to be a trend that is progressing; online rageaholics that think the computer screen is their mask of protection and anonymity. Except the computer screen is not magical. Your chances of being discovered today are more likely than ever before and if you’re stupid enough to use your real name, then you deserve whatever prison term you get.

I have been the victim of some nasty online rageaholics.

What is a rageaholic?

“rageaholic. noun. a person who gets excited by expressing rage; a person prone to extreme anger with little or no provocation.”


Someone who feeds on expressing rage. Like the alcoholic, the rageaholic is addicted to blowing up. This is usually caused by the rageaholic stuffing back real feelings and emotions until it builds up the point that the rageaholic snaps and goes crazy. Stress of any kind can be a trigger. It is a…

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1 thought on “When you know an online Rageaholic

  1. never knew about that though..

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