Davis Vs Crawford

It was a long time back when I watched ‘Whatever happened to Baby Jane’ for the first time. I am a huge fan of Bette Davis and I always look forward to watching any of her movies instead of doing something else. When I found out that Baby Jane also star Joan Crawford, my excitement was sky-high. I still watch it whenever I feel like it because its one of those which CREATED a genre. After that many followed the same course but could not achieve the acclaim which Baby Jane gathered.

The film was a success at the box office but many will agree with me when I say that it is not just because the film is a classic masterpiece. The credit for that will go to the infamous rivalry between the two lead actresses, Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

I recently saw the first episode of Feud, a television series by FX about famous feuds, and that is why I am writing about it. The first season is based on the controversy surrounding the actresses when they were doing this film. The series shows us all the ‘behind the screen’ action which we missed before. It shows how bitter the relations were between the actresses and what all the did to satisfy their own frustrations towards each other. The first episode was far much better than what I expected (my expectations were pretty high, as Bette is being played by Susan Sarandon and Joan by Jessica Lange, another two undeniably talented actresses). I think the series will be able to do the most difficult job for a drama series, satisfying the critics and giving our gossiping mind something to feed.

Back to it. So I wonder if this is how it started when we say actresses cannot be friends. As far as I know, there were many instances where Bette or Joan went out-of-the-way to hurt the other one. It was also said that the people associated with the film Baby Jane wanted this rivalry to keep going as it was becoming a major selling point for the movie.

Even after all that, we have to agree that both of them were very ambitious and professional. I can just assume how difficult it would be for them to work with one another. The show certainly shows how difficult it was for the crew members of Baby Jane to work with them 😛

So, this is it. I just wanted to tell you about ‘Whatever happened to Baby Jane’,Feud’ and the real-life rivalry between two of my favorite actresses. If you haven’t watched the movie, I definitely recommend it. The TV show is good so far as well. About the rivalry, if you go into it, you will find out that their mutual hatred for each other had many layers and various reasons. To find out more you can check here. It is rather an interesting read.

4 thoughts on “Davis Vs Crawford

  1. good one it is…now try something from India…obviously from by-gone era…

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    1. Okay, I sure will. Thanks for reading!

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  2. Connor Schmiegel March 29, 2017 — 9:05 pm

    I enjoy both the movie and now the show. I always thought of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford as crazy stars that just hate each other, but FEUD draws so much more light on it. Particularly the fact that there might not have even been a feud if it were not for the studios’ treatment of women at the time… but who knows?

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    1. Yeah! That show is getting interesting with every episode.


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