Trapped – Scary, Funny, Entertaining!

Victim – Shaurya (Rajkummar Rao)

Killer – An apartment, devoid of basic needs such as electricity or water

Potential Murder Weapon – Hunger, Thirst, Boredom, isolation

Accomplice – A mouse??

Trapped has all the elements to put it alongside the best thrillers we have seen so far.

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Trapped is about Shaurya, played by Rajkummar Rao, who works in an IT firm. One fateful day, he shifted into a new apartment and got trapped inside. Nobody knows that he is in this high-rise apartment in a building, from where nobody can even listen him shouting for help. The movie is about his struggle to stay alive with limited resources and try to get out of there somehow.

Vikramaditya Motwane never seizes to amaze me. All three of his directed features are so refreshing to watch. Trapped is something new altogether. Great attention has been given to even smallest of the details. The movie has the potential to make you feel claustrophobic. From the start, you can see how efficiently the movie unfolds. First, you meet the protagonist, know about him a little bit. Then, you will get acquainted with the apartment where hell will break loose as we go on. The background score is minimal in the first half to let the movie breathe a little bit, get the audience face to face with the fact that yes, the problem is so much bigger than what we anticipated.  Then it picks pace. Last I remember I saw such a setting in ‘Kaun’ starring Urmila.

No one can review Trapped without praising Rajkummar Rao. He has given a marvelous performance. He brought the perfect amount of hysteria in his voice when needed. It will make you pity the character and pray that he makes it out safely. Personally, I would say that it was even better than what we saw in ‘Shahid’, those of us who have seen ‘Shahid’ know that Rao set a high bar in that one.

Trapped (2017) Full Movie HD Download Free DVDrip

In just 1 hour 45 minutes, the movie boldly presents before us what a person will do when something like this happens, without actually caring if some of the scenes can be too much for some of the audience.

Trapped is certainly worth a watch. You will feel like you are watching a film which is no way lesser in any aspects than any Hollywood survival movie, which we always say, “are so much better than Bollywood movies” Well, maybe not anymore!

I gave Trapped 8/10 on IMDb.



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