A little more time with you…


“A storm is coming”, said Dembe.

Akello was walking silently, with his head down and fingers intertwined with Dembe’s. He used to love walking down this narrow pathway, with her.

Dembe said, “What were we even thinking! My dad knows every corner of Kampala like the back of his hand. He will catch us, kill you first and then me.”

Akello, with a grin on his face, said, “Are you angry because you want to die first?”

Dembe stared at him for a while, then chuckled. He knew how to make her laugh.

The sound of the jeep was becoming louder now. Dembe’s father has sent his whole gang to look for her. Akello looked at Dembe.

“Let’s go through the woods.”

“That will just give us about an hour extra before they catch us and kill you.”

“An hour more to spend with you is worth dying for”

Written in response to K. Rawson’s What Pegman Saw Writing Challenge. I tried to write something romantic, a new genre for me :-). Please give your feedback if you read it.

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