Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – week of April 18, 2017

FFfAW is back again! This photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan!


My life got wrecked in front of my eyes, like an old house destroyed by the hurricane.  I picked up the pieces and put it in the wagon named ‘Hope’. The wagon was broken too, just like my spirit to live. Now, the wagon has the remains of it, my sorry life.

I thought I can build it back with what I have left, I can get my old life back. I can go on living like this, but the wagon is heavy with the burden of the ghosts of my past.

Can I just forget what happened and try to find a silver lining in this?

Or should I run away? I have done that before, leaving everyone who loved me behind. I can leave the wagon. Why try to mend what’s already broken.

I looked at the road ahead, and looked at the road I already traveled, then, I looked at the wagon.

And I picked it to build my life back up again.

The wagon named ‘HOPE’.

(Words: 171)


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