PHOTO PROMPT © Sandra Crook

“It’s a normal looking building with a flag on it in the middle of the city. She will be there.”

“But she died….”

“You can bring her back. If you love is true and pure”

“You have to go down the basement, look for a big ancient wheel, hidden behind the boxes. Turn it around as many times as it has been days since she died, and she’ll be standing in front of the building when you come up.”

He did so.




She wasn’t there….




Now he stands there, contemplating, if the ritual was wrong, or his love was impure.

(100 words)

I know, this one is rather abrupt, but in my defence, I don’t want to miss even one of Rochelle’s Friday Fictioneer challenge.  This one was difficult, to sum up in 100 words. I wanted to say so much but couldn’t. But that is the challenge, right! Will be back for the next one 🙂


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