One Log to Another

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers – 113th Challenge

his week’s photo prompt is provided by Loretta Notto. Thank you, Loretta!

One log to another….

“Hey! Kevin which is your favorite movie?”



“You know who is my favorite actor?”


“Woody Harrelson! haha”

“Oh! shut up, Kevin”

“Wait! one more! Guess which is my favorite subject?”

“I get it, LOGarithm”

“OR, BioLOGy!! hahah!!!”


“Come on! Your turn! It’s a diaLOGue!!”

“You’re hopless, Kevin!”

“I should write these jokes somewhere, maybe in a……bLOG!! HAHAHA!”

“This is it! I’ve had it enough with your nonsense, Kevin. I swear to god if you did not stop right now, I will take that axe from the woodcutter and kill you myself!”

“Oh, I am sorry Rod, I didn’t know you’ll get so angry. I sincerely,….”

“Don’t you say it!”


(137 words)
Tried something in the comedy genre. I don’t know how it is. Please share your views in the comment sections.

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