‘Family’ Time

FFfAW Challenge Week of May 9, 2017

Brought to us by Priceless Joy. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yarnspinner. Thank you Yarnspinner for our prompt!. If you like this one, please read other entries for the prompt also by clicking right here.

“It’s sunday! Let’s sit in the garden. We never spend time together as a family, all four of us.”, Raj said. “Your father is right, you know”, said Preeti.

Priya, while on her phone, “I can’t. I have a….”

“Harsh, do you also have an excuse?”, asked Raj to his 13-year-old son.

Harsh, who was also on his phone, gave a puzzled look to his father, “What??”

“It was not an excuse!”, said Priya

Raj smiled, “Then, to the garden, shall we?”

Sitting in the garden. Both children are engrossed in their phones. Raj is reading his newspaper while Preeti is working on her office presentation for Monday.

After an hour of QUITE family time…..

Priya  – “Can I go now!”

Harsh – “I have to go too.”

Preeti – “Let them go, Raj.”

Raj – “But we are having such a great time!”

All three of them were now staring at him.

Raj – “Fine!”

(152 words)

I used to love sitting in the garden with my family when I was a kid. I do remember it sometimes how we used to discuss so many topics in great lengths.  But, I also noticed that whenever we sit together now, we are mostly on some digital devices. 

Thanks to FFfAW challenge, now I feel I will try to change this pattern next time we sit as a family.

9 thoughts on “‘Family’ Time

  1. How very relatable, Shivam.

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  2. So like the modern family. Perfect tone for the piece.

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  3. So true! This is how “quiet” family time is now — everyone on their smart phones. You captured that beautifully in this story and I think it is a great idea to change this to have family time minus the smart phones! Great story!

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  4. Very true, so difficult to get the kids to spend quality time with their parents. Great take on the prompt.

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  5. True to life.
    Best wishes ,

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  6. A definite picture of today’s family….but, perhaps not all. Even when you get everyones attention…you don’t really get it or enjoy it! Everyone wants to do their own thing, which is fine, but there needs to be a balance somewhere. Great post….it’s so today!

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    1. That’s true. Everyone must really want to spend time together to make it worthwhile. It happens sometimes and those are the best moments Thanks for reading😊

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