Song of the Sea (2014) – Review

Song of the Sea is an animated fantasy drama about a brother and a sister. It is a beautiful painting of an adventure that takes two siblings on an amazing journey. In between, they will try to save lives, find a way home and most crucial, look for unanswered questions. You may not find the description as unique as the movie actually is. The reason is, this movie is not just about the adventure, it’s about what they find while they are on it. It is not some treasure I speak of, it is the feeling of love towards one another, a sense of caring. Also, it is about hope, which pushes you beyond your limit to make you brave enough to face your worst fears.

The animation is over the top. It feels like we are looking at mere sketches but the characters feel real as you and me. So, when they will cry, you’ll get emotional too. It is the powerful scenes like these because of which this movie is amazing. The song which the movie is all about is a melody to your ears and is nicely placed in the movie.

I would say that those of you who watched and liked movies like “A Monster Calls” and “Kubo and the two strings”, you will like this one too. All in all, it is an interesting watch for everyone.

I gave Song of the Sea 8/10 on IMDb.


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