Shining Green

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

This week’s photo prompt is provided by loniangraphics. Thank you for our photo prompt!

He decided he has nothing much to live now. He will die today in this blizzard. His eyes were fixated on the white blanket of snow that covered the trees. He saw a small shrub struggling in the snow. He reached out to help, just like he tried helping her when she was hanging at the edge of the cliff. He couldn’t save her. She died, just like this shrub will.

And he will die too. She was everything to him and this blizzard took her away. It is ruthless, it hates all things beautiful. Like this shrub. Like her.

He shouted her name as loud as he could, he cursed the blizzard as much as he can. Then he cried.

Then, he stood up and walked towards the shrub.



It was a spectacle to watch for those who spotted it after the storm slowed down.

Everything was covered with snow, even the body of the man was barely visible. But one shrub was shining green as if snow didn’t touch it.

Someone saved it.

(175 words)

I tried to capture the feeling we get sometimes when we are too late to help someone who needs it. Hope you like it. You can also read other amazing flash fictions based on this prompt right here.


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