A visit to Agra

DailyPost Photo Challenge: Heritage

Recently I visited Taj Mahal. One of the most beautiful architectural wonders of the world, it always has been one of the things for us Indians to be proud of. For many years people have cared for it and will continue this for years to come.

As I was there, I realize that it is a part of heritage for us Indians and it will always be a symbol of love and inspiration for us all.


I took a lot of pictures that day but this one I like the most. With the red stone building as a foreground, Taj Mahal looks even more elegant.

4 thoughts on “A visit to Agra

  1. Thanks for transporting me back to the Taj Mahal. I remember getting a lump in my throat when I first glimpsed it through the gateway. I remember stroking its silky surface. You are justifiably proud my friend.

    Click to read my latest tale!

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  2. You reminded me of Taj Mahal again… beautiful it is…

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