Hindi Medium – Review

Hindi medium is about a businessman and his wife who want their daughter to get admission in the best school of the city. Both of them think that if their daughter goes to a normal government school like they did when they were kids, she will not receive the proper education and most importantly, won’t be able to match up with the ‘English speaking’ children of her age.So they decided that they will do anything to make sure she gets admission in one of the best schools of Delhi. The movie captures the journey of two parents as they move from a high-class society to give their child exposure to a small 1-room apartment in a disease prone area to register for admission as a child of a poor family. It may be too late for the reality to descend on them that these actions of theirs are affecting a lot of other people too.
The movie explores the desperation of parents as they go to great lengths to give the best education to their children. Also, it tells us how big institutions can tweak the admission process. In the end, it leaves you with many questions. Is it really worth it? Making your child study in a school where she may never be able to fit? Should English be the only thing distinguishing between who gets admission and who doesn’t?

Even after focusing this heavy subject, the movie is light. The facts are presented with jokes to make it watchable and even entertaining for the audience. Sometimes, it feels like the film is missing point and extending some not-so-important sequences. This slowed the pace for a while but it picked it up again in the end.
Irfan Khan brought his best to the character of a Chandni Chowk Saree salesman who is a concerned father and a loving devoted husband who will do anything for best education of his child, or, as his wife always warns him, keep their child away from drugs as she grows old. Saba Qamar did a fine job but still has a long way to go. The duo posed as a nice onscreen couple. Deepak Dobriyal, who portrayed a helping natured hard working factory worker, was fantastic as always. He sure has gathered many accolades for his recent ventures and this film will also add some more. Director Saket Chaudhary, known for directing “Pyaar ke side effect”, did okay. Music was one plus point, with some gracefully placed new songs accompanied by remixes of some well-known songs.

In summary, I would say the movie is definitely worth a watch. So, what if it is not a great one, but it sure will give you a lot to think about. In that process, you may talk about it a lot and will also suggest it to others, as I am doing now.

I gave Hindi Medium an above average 7/10 on IMDb.

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