Don’t Open It!


Friday Fictioneers is an amazing challenge, brought to us by Rochelle, where you have to write a complete story in no more than 100 words based on the photo prompt provided every week. This week’s prompt is provided by J Hardy Carroll. To know more about the challenge, click HERE.

“We cannot take her.”
“She is our daughter.”
“She is a witch of the devil.”
“You want me to kill my own child?”
“She is evil, Hannah. She killed our neighbors, those innocent children in the park, Rory, our little Rory!”

Hannah started crying.
“I’ve locked her in the cabinet. We’ll burn this place on our way out.”
The Jenkins ran away and never came back.



10 years later

“The story says she is in the cabinet. See? the fire did not even touch it.”
“I’m curious, let’s open it!”

Jenkins died that very same day 500Km away.

(100 words)


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    1. I wanted to throw more light on some aspects of the girls behaviour but the it was becoming difficult to complete it in 100. I think I’ll expand this story later, you’ve put this idea in my mind now๐Ÿ˜‚

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