Spend some time with your loved ones

FFfAW Challenge – Week of May 30th, 2017

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan for our photo prompt!

Peter and Sally were waiting for the tram.

Sally said, “I love this pink sweatshirt. It looks good, right?”

“Hmm. We have to catch this tram.” Now talking more to himself, “I have to reach home, drop you and go to the office.”

“Look Dad! It matches my bracelet!”, Sally said. Peter wasn’t paying attention. “It’s here, Sally, come on.”

The tram stopped slowly. The crowd started to get in. Peter was calculating how late he would be for the office, then he turned to hold Sally’s hand, but she wasn’t there.

Panicked, he checked everywhere then came outside. Sally was standing on the sidewalk with an angry face.

“Sally! What happened!”

“I always listen to you office stuff. You never listen to me! I know you have an important meeting today. But do you know what I said earlier?”

He realized he has been so busy lately, he doesn’t remember talking to Sally even for 5 minutes these past few days.

“I’m sorry honey! Let’s walk today.”

“What about your meeting?”

“This is more important.”

(175 words)

15 thoughts on “Spend some time with your loved ones

  1. Very amazing , Shivam! You have portrayed our failure to prioritise “family” so beautifully.

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  2. I’m glad he came to his senses.

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  3. A really sweet story 🙂 Go Sally!

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  4. Value of spending quality time. Good one.

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  5. A nice one. Very apt of the times.

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  6. Decades ago, my wife worked in the financial securities industry. She’d come home every night and tell me about her day, filled with technical intricacies I couldn’t comprehend. I bit my tongue and listened as best I could realizing that just listening was more important than understanding.

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    1. So true, James. I also tell about my whole day to my mother sometimes and she listens everything. It feels so comforting even if I know that she might not understand it, but she is here for me always.


  7. Love how the story has a moral to it! We get so wrapped up in our lives that we often forget about our loved ones. Great story Shivam!

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  8. You reminded me that family time is so important, I hope the whole world is listening to this story

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  9. Out of the mouths of babes. Kids can sometimes put things into perspective for adults. Nice story.
    Going Home
    Annie at ~McGuffy’s Reader~

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  10. Putting the food on the table is necessary but holding the family together is paramount. One tends to forget the child’s growing days while trying to make both ends meet. A very good story with a moral.


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