Unidentified Shining Object

28 thoughts on “Unidentified Shining Object”

      1. Or.. safeed aag ka gola. 😉 I don’t know if there is something called safeed aag. Is there ? 😉

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      2. I am an Indian 😀 haha, don’t tell me you thought I was an alien or something, after all I have a really good name 😉😂

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    1. Michael, I think you are the first person who thought that they could have a peaceful purpose. I don’t know why we always think that alien will most definitely attack us if they come here😅


  1. Here is a cheeky take:
    I wonder what Priya and Rajesh did? If that’s not a moon – is it the drone that Priya’s father recently purchased and is the talk of the neighbourhood? After all, it was known that Priya’s father did not like her hanging out with Rajesh .

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