Death Awaits On-board

Friday Fictioneers!

Today’s photo prompt is provided by Ted Strutz. For more information on this challenge, check Rochelle’s profile right here.

This could easily be my last recorded message before I die. I am in the line for the ferry. It’s raining heavily outside but I can still see those men standing on the deck, waiting for me. I brought the top secret files which they wanted. It is possible that they will kill me as soon as I hand it over.

So, whoever gets this, I beg you to take it to my office. I’m sorry for what I am going to do but………..

They have my son.

I am on the ferry. This is it……

Rachel Sexton

Homeland Security

(100 words)

I tried to keep it simple. I thought if you record a message right before you think you’re going to die should be simple and straight. The name Rachel is inspired by one of the characters in Dan Brown Novels.


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