Baby Driver – The most stylish movie of the year so far

I knew I will like this movie as soon as I was finished watching the first trailer, but I didn’t know I will be so pleased. Baby driver is not just a film, it can easily be one of the best musical we have seen so far this year. Every scene, every action has a rhythm to it. Every dialogue, every expression attached to a musical note. This movie is a good example of how greatness can be achieved by efficiently scoring the movie.

Baby driver is about a getaway driver who got mixed with the wrong crowd when he was young and is now forced to pull heiss with them. Everything goes ‘Bananas’ when he falls in love and starts finding a way out.

I’ve always been a big fan of Edgar Wright. But I always thought it is because Simon Pegg is his lucky charm. I know ‘Scott Pilgrim vs the World’ was good but it was nothing compared to ‘Shaun of the Dead’ or ‘Hot Fuzz’. I even like ‘At World’s End’ more. But at last, he has proven me wrong. Before going to watch Baby Driver, I also thought it could be that the movie may depend too much on the performances by the big names like Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx, but that was not the case. It was the amazing music and insane action sequences which are the actual star of the film.

Some of the amazing scores of the movie are, ‘Hocus Pocus’ by Focus, ‘Tequila’ by The Champs and ‘Brighton Rock’ by Queen. Other worthwhile mentions are Egyptian Reggae, Bellbottoms, Smokey Joe’s La La and B-A-B-Y Baby. I remember I was shaking my head in the theater on every one of these songs. It felt like every song just fits with the frame perfectly.

There was this one scene which reminded me of another one from Shaun of the Dead, where Simon Pegg wakes up and goes to a shop to buy something. There is a similar one-shot scene here as well which resembles. I found out that such long one shots can be seen in other Edgar Wright movies as well. Here is the link to the scene from Shaun.

Ansel Elgort has done amazing in a movie which could be his big break into critically acclaimed mainstream cinema. Although he shared the screen with Kevin Spacey and others, he made sure that audience will remember who the movie is really about. His character is cool, stylish, mysterious but funny at the same time. Spacey and Hamm both looked badass. But Jamie Foxx was the one who I liked the most, after Elgort off course. His character was the usual type of villain you love to hate and Foxx played it exactly like that. Also, Eiza Gonzalez played this hot love interest of Jon Hamm’s character. Lily James looked cute.

So, in the end, I would like to say that Baby Driver is an awesome start for this season. After this, we have Spiderman – Homecoming, War of the Planet of the Apes (I am really excited about this one) and Dunkirk coming right after on another. So go watch it instead of going for Transformers and The Mummy.

I give Baby Driver a solid 8.5/10.


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    1. I totally agree Dan. For me, it’s Shaun, Hot Fuzz then Baby Driver. Followed by Scott Pilgrim and At world’s End. But all his movies are amazing, aren’t they?


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