Former Bestie


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Claire Sheldon. Thanks, Claire!

That bright shiny orange pen was the core of the problem.
I loved it, so did she. It seems stupid now, fighting for a pen! But now I remember. I also hid her toys. Buddy and Muddy she used to call those penguins. Then she stole my barbie. It went on for a while.

Now, as I see our kids playing together, it’s all coming back to me. I know she remembers, she has that look. The “I hated you once” look. I know she will never forgive me.

Wait, what? She is waving at me, with a smile!

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9 thoughts on “Former Bestie

  1. Nice take – the silly things we fall out over when we are kids!

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  2. Oh good! Friends forever 🙂

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  3. This reminds me of the dumb quarrels I had with a childhood friend. Nice story of reconciliation and forgiveness here. 🙂

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  4. Good that bridges can be rebuilt-


  5. Lifelong feuds have started over the silliest things sometimes…

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  6. The things kids bicker over. Glad they are still friends!

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