Dunkirk – Profoundly Moving

“Tick Tock Tick Tock”

The time is running out. Future looks bleak. Hope is fading.

But rescue is on its way!

Dunkirk is the story of around 450000 soldiers of the British and French armies which are trapped on the beach of Dunkirk, surrounded by the enemy from all sides. The story is thus told from 3 perspectives, one from the beach following a young soldier doing everything to survive, one from the ship where a father and a son are on the way to rescue as many as they can and one from a pilot who is doing everything he can to protect the one in the sea from air attacks.

The timelines for all the three perspectives in different, but you must have guessed it already as it’s a Nolan flick. The film, rather than showing how gloriously the British fought at the beach, showed the basic human tendencies to survive and to go home. One will do anything to survive. They will help others, but when it comes to either you or them, it doesn’t seem like a choice. Dunkirk has that urgency throughout the movie which creates a tense atmosphere which is enough to make you stay glued to your seat. There is a constant ticking of the clock throughout the film which builds a feeling inside the audience that the time is running out. One of the most interesting things about it is that we will never see the enemy, but we know that they are just around the corner. When you see soldiers running for their lives, hiding in an abandoned boat, leaving wounded behind and crying for help, the reality will sink in you that this actually happened. Thousands of soldiers were saved that day.

The movie plays with emotions effortlessly. Multiple storylines and characters show how different one person can be from the other when war strikes and death may be upon you. The casting was done perfectly to bring out the impact of these emotions. Mark Rylance, who played Mr. Dawson did an amazing job as always. His eyes reflect the compassion he had for the survivors and a mystery as to why he wants to go for the rescue so much. I always have loved Cillian Murphy in all his performances but this one was deep. A soldier who is in deep shock and cannot face again his fears. His short screen time could not stop him from making a profound impact. Kenneth Branagh has these amazing close-ups which were used to shift the moods, when he looked at the sky, means the trouble is lurking right around the corner. Fionn Whitehead and Aneurin Barnard effectively portrayed two young scared soldiers who make this silent impact that they will reach home.

Hans Zimmer has yet again proved that he has unmatchable talent. The background score is definitely a strong contender for the Oscar this year. The editing and the cinematography are breathtaking.

Everything about this movie fits with each other extraordinarily. Dunkirk is brilliant, as simple as that. You should not miss such as amazing action drama, which is an understatement as it is so much more. It is a deep dive into the psyche of men when they find themselves in such a situation.

“All they did was survive.”

“That’s enough.”


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    1. Oh! I liked it enough that I went to watch it once again. I guess it connected to all of us at different levels. For instance, many people will say his best is Dark Knight, but for me it’s Inception.


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