No Other Option


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dale Rogerson.

“That, Janet, is an abomination!”, said Janet’s boss looking at the big vase. “I cannot even look at it! Remove it, please. And you know what! Remove yourself from the office as well. For so long I have tolerated your lousy behavior. Pack your stuff, you’re fired!”

Janet thinks this is worse than her previous job. Last time, no one was around when she was fired, so she had time to hide the body. But she has to kill again, she knows no other option. But how will she do it?

Her gaze falls upon the vase.

(97 words)

It’s been long since my last entry, but I’m glad to be back and write this. Friday Fictioneers is a challenge where you have to write a story relating the photo prompt in not more than 100 words. It’s an amazing exercise to hone your skills if you like to write.

If you like my take on the prompt, you should check others’ as well, just click here.


30 thoughts on “No Other Option

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  1. This is good. I’m not sure there’s a good guy in this story as the boss seems a bit intolerant. And, I’m not quite sure it’s commendable to go around killing bosses when you’re fired.
    I like the story, lots to consider.

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