No Other Option


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dale Rogerson.

“That, Janet, is an abomination!”, said Janet’s boss looking at the big vase. “I cannot even look at it! Remove it, please. And you know what! Remove yourself from the office as well. For so long I have tolerated your lousy behavior. Pack your stuff, you’re fired!”

Janet thinks this is worse than her previous job. Last time, no one was around when she was fired, so she had time to hide the body. But she has to kill again, she knows no other option. But how will she do it?

Her gaze falls upon the vase.

(97 words)

It’s been long since my last entry, but I’m glad to be back and write this. Friday Fictioneers is a challenge where you have to write a story relating the photo prompt in not more than 100 words. It’s an amazing exercise to hone your skills if you like to write.

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30 thoughts on “No Other Option

  1. Dear Shivam,

    Janet obviously doesn’t take well to being fired. Nicely done.



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  2. At least the vase will come in useful for something! Dark but fun take.

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  3. Whoosh! Thee idea of a body inside the vase leaves one … well, disgusted, if not trembling. But so many would love to do it to their bosses.

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    1. Well, I thought she is just hitting him with the vase. But what you said, to hide the body in the vase, would be much cooler if she can pull it off😂

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      1. We are all getting cold-blooded and kinky …

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  4. A positively evil little tale. 🙂

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  5. Makes you wonder just how many times she’s been fired.

    Great story. Come see mine here.

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  6. Life Lessons of a Dog Lover August 2, 2017 — 11:42 pm

    I enjoyed this twisted tale.


  7. Ah! A serially fired-murderer! That’s a novel idea! I liked the twist 🙂

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  8. For the number of times I’ve been fired… I’d have quite the body count!

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    1. Hehe, so my fiction is actually a biography 😅

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  9. You’ve really come up with a novel tale. I think She’d run less risk just using for severance pay.🤔

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  10. Better not hire Janet.

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  11. That boss has no idea what’s coming his way! Well done 🙂

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  12. Haha! Good one. Loved the humor in this dark tale.

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  13. The beautiful vase will not become a murder weapon and the body will be stuffed inside the carton. Won’t Janet be caught by the long arm of Law?

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    1. This time it’s seems like the last time for Janet😅


  14. I wonder where she is going to hide the body… In one of those cardboard boxes I suppose 😀
    Nice one, Shivam 😀

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  15. There’s a Chekhov’s smoking gun right there. What a horrible employee. Makes my skin crawl. Well told story to get that reaction from me.

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  16. This is good. I’m not sure there’s a good guy in this story as the boss seems a bit intolerant. And, I’m not quite sure it’s commendable to go around killing bosses when you’re fired.
    I like the story, lots to consider.

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  17. Whoa, that’s a way to protest against being fired. Maybe forming a workers union might be a bit less bloody though (but probably less satisfying).

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