An electrifying Afternoon!

When I boarded the bus for the Jio Office, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into, not exactly. If I knew I would’ve asked my friends to accompany me as well. The event which I attended was no less than a fun filled party. More of a theme party, the theme being Twitter.

The afternoon started with us taking a lot of selfies at the selfie booth which was there just for us. To add to the fun, these selfies were later also posted by us on Twitter right away. Also, we met students from other colleges and exchanged interesting Interactions.

Then they dropped the beat!

Throughout the event, the atmosphere was filled with upbeat music with popular songs which we were humming with our fingers were at work with the phone.

Now something about the event, students from many colleges were there for Tweetathon– a marathon but with tweets on social media. The event was conducted in 7 rounds, or as they called it Laps. All the rounds were designed so as to keep the competition intriguing and engaging. For example, one of the rounds was a quiz where the organizers will post questions and whoever is the fastest to answer will win. Before this event, I did not know that I could create memes, jokes and post selfies at such a speed ;). Also, I got to see such amazing post that I stopped many times to admire and like or retweet them. We all posted so many tweets that our official hashtag #JioSabkeLiye became one of the most trending topics at that point.

Overall, it was an experience which I will remember for long. I wish more events are conducted like this, where the medium chosen for the competition is also the one which is like a daily touchpoint of the youngsters nowadays.


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