FFfAW Challenge-Week of March 20, 2018


This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yinglan. Thank you Yinglan!

Janet: Hey! Look at him. Mr. ‘Oh No! I dropped my phone in the stream below’. I don’t know why people need to bring their phones during the morning walk.

Rachel: What if someone calls?

Janet: At 6 AM? I don’t think anyone will.

Rachel: They can! If its an emergency.

Janet: Oh please! People are too attached to their phones nowadays. They have these absurd insecurities. They want to know what others are doing all the time. They need to post pics of what they’re eating, or share a selfie during their morning walk. I mean why can’t you just put it aside and enjoy this beautiful view, breathe this fresh air.

Rachel: I think he was just listening to music on his.

Janet: Don’t change the subject…..

(Phone rings)

Janet(takes out her phone and talks): Wait! Hi! Baby! How are you! Oh, you woke up and you thought of me! So sweet, Baby! I love you! Glad you called!

And that’s how Rachel got to know how big a hypocrite her friend is.

(175 words)

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12 thoughts on “Hypocrite

  1. So true. We’re all a little guilty of this theses days! Good fun 🙂

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  2. Yes it is true. I can remember my husband and I discussing the use of mobile phones (and that was before they were smart) wondering what people talked about and how if you weren’t on the phone you probably felt unloved. It has become a lot worse since those days. You showed it well.

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  3. You are right, we have become so very attached to our phones.

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  4. michael1148humphris March 20, 2018 — 11:43 am

    This a topical story, which I enjoyed reading.

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  5. LOL! So true. She is a hypocrite! Hahaha! Cute story!

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  6. Uh huh. “Do as I say, not as I do.” She doesn’t do much to prove her case, does she? Nicely written!

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  7. So true for our times, great take. Can I just add one suggestion? Your last line is too ‘explanatory’ and is actually not needed. The fact that the friend is a hypocrite is adequately established by her phone conversation with the boyfriend. Ending it there would make the story more impactful as per me.

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    1. Oh yes, I get your point. I will remember not to do this in future. Thanks Anurag! 😊

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  8. Sweet! At least she found out.

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