Family – George’s Legacy…


March 30, 2018

This week’s prompt is provided by Fatima Fakier Deria.


Yes, this would certainly do, thought George.

George brought his whole family in the garden. They talked for hours, mostly about how much they adore this place, so many memories they’ve made here since they moved here and how they all love their Sunday morning like this.

But, deep down everyone was nervous. Mostly because of the way George insisted on everyone being present today. They were waiting for the news. The news which had the power to change everything.

George paused, stood up, everyone held their breath.

“The test results have arrived, guys. It’s official. I have Lung cancer.”

(100 words)

Lung Cancer is one of the most dangerous cancer. Only 16 percent cases are diagnosed at early stage. Tumour is almost impossible to remove completely and chemo is hard. Major causes include smoking and tobacco consumption.

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18 thoughts on “Family – George’s Legacy…

  1. Great build-up of tension and such a sad revelation. My father and two relatives had lung cancer, all died far too early.


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