Coming Back Home

What Pegman Saw

This week, Pegman takes us to Nigeria. A country which, although fighting with some really strong evil forces, is all set to change its situation all around. The whole world is looking at Nigeria as it is gradually making its place in the list of emerging and rapidly growing nations.


Bako was feeling nostalgic. Being here, in Lagos, was bringing back so many memories. Like, how he used to race around these streets with his friends. But the memory which was as clear as yesterday was the day they had to leave. His father had some trouble with some local leader of an extremist group. That day, his uncle came and hand over the papers which helped them to leave the country without people knowing. He wasn’t even allowed to say goodbye to his best friend, Adedayo.

Now, as he stands in front of Adedayo’s house, he doesn’t know if he should go inside. He wanted to meet him but a lot has changed.

What do you say to your childhood friend, whom you’re going to meet after 12 years and who is now a part of the same extremist organisation that made you leave?

(144 words)

14 thoughts on “Coming Back Home

  1. That could turn into a very sticky situation. Friendships have a way of taking the backseat when extremism becomes part of the picture.

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    1. So true Dale! Sometimes you are brainwashed in a way that you don’t see any friend, you only see enemies.

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      1. Which is so sad. The Americans were faced with that when the North fought the South…

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  2. Dear Shivam,

    Bako has quite a dilemma that, no doubt, many others have faced. My guess is that this is a case of ‘you can’t go home again’ and he’s better off leaving with his good memories intact. Good one.




  3. Human tragedies behind the headlines. Sad to say, I think Rochelle is right. Well told and that last line held such a world of pain

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  4. This wonderfully captures something that I’ll bet happens a lot. I’m with Rochelle, I think he may be best keeping his good memories as the last thing he remembers of Adedayo.


  5. This has the ring of authenticity. What a difficult choice Bako has to make.

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  6. That is an awful situation to be in. I hope Bako goes well away for himself but in his situation when he’s known Adedayo and grew up with him I would imagine it isn’t so easy to make that choice.

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  7. A bad situation. I think he’ll find that extremism trumps friendship.

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    1. I think so too. Sometimes the extremists are so blind, they only care about their agenda.

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  8. What indeed? Hopefully their childhood friendship will rekindle something, which will help both understand the other.


  9. A hard question in a hard situation. Hopefully, his friend will have missed him and understand the circumstances were beyond his control.

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