Absolutely No Remorse

FFfAW Challenge Week of April 3, 2018

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Dorothy. Thank you Dorothy!

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“Any time now.”

“I think something is wrong. Did you check the wire?”

“Nothing’s wrong. It’s just that we didn’t time it right.”

“How can you be so calm? We are going to bomb it. People are going to die! People from all around the world! It’s not that I didn’t know this would happen, but….. I am panicking, aren’t I?”

“Mm-hmm. If its any comfort, you can tell yourself it was all me. I have done this before. I made the bomb, I planted it, you just gave the blueprints of the structure. I have absolutely no remorse because I believe in our cause, our message. And now, please talk slow, we’re just two strangers sitting on the park bench.”

“I just wish there was some other way of doing this. One which does not involve, you know, death.”

“Listen, we will not get a better chance than this. Leaders from all over the world are gathered there. Also, let me remind you. It’s really very hard to prove our point without involving death.”

(175 words)

4 thoughts on “Absolutely No Remorse

  1. Terrorism isn’t a solution to anything.


  2. Terrifyingly true to this day and age. I agree with James. Terrorism isn’t the solution to anything.

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  3. Extremely topical, and presents a perspective that no sane person would find palatable, but which still exists, and needs to be understood in order to be defeated.

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  4. How realistic and how cold the bomb-maker. No concern at all for the people on board or their families. I like that the other character has doubts, but will she let her doubts lead her away from the path of death?

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