Reliving Old Memories and Making New Ones

DailyPost Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile

The picture above was taken almost 20 years before the one below. I don’t know why when I can home this time, I was dead serious that I will make recreate any one memory which I can. As soon as I reached home, I started shortlisting photos to be recreated. This one was the best, and the easiest actually.

When I first told my parents what I am planning, they thought I’ve lost my mind. But as I was adamant this time, my mother and sister agreed to pose and my father to click it.

What makes me smile when I look at it is what happened afterwards. My parents and sister were much more invested in it than I was. They looked at the pic, again and again, to get the pose right. My dad took it from different angles. It was just so exciting to do this thing together as a family. At first, it felt so childish, but it was one of the best moment for me with my family.

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