So Many Smiles Made My Day

DailyPost Weekly Photo Challenge: Smile


I don’t remember if I have posted these pics before or not but if I had to post it after checking out this week’s photo prompt.

Our college has a team called Inspirit, whose one of the main tasks is to teach underprivileged children, organised an event in which all of us had to go to a nearby school and take the role of a teacher of one day. I got lucky and got the cutest pupils, the nursery class students. Although it was impossible to teach them anything as their attention span was next to nil (not that I am a bad teacher, please!), we sang songs, they danced and it was fun for all of us. At the end of the day, I brought called them to take this pic and they were more than happy to make my day. This is and will always be one of the pics which leaves me smiling whenever I see it.

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