Need Help – Urgent, My life literally depends on it

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers

FFfAW Challenge – 163rd

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Goroyboy. Thank you Raymond!


We used to joke around about it. “Someone wants you dead, bro!”, my friends used to tease me. I got genuinely terrified when the camera didn’t even catch anyone. Its like, the wreath magically appeared every day at my front door. One day I got so angry that I decided I will stay at my friend’s, who lived right across the street and will catch this person who has been hanging these peculiar wreaths at my door. I left the house at 10 and sat on my friend’s sofa from where I can see my door through the window.

Whoever reads this, I want to know if something like this has ever happened to you. As soon as the man was standing in my doorway I ran to confront him. That man told me how and when I am going to die. Now if you want, you can laugh at this or you can help. Because the man was myself and he said that the date of my death is tomorrow.

(170 words)

9 thoughts on “Need Help – Urgent, My life literally depends on it

  1. Oh wow, that’s pretty spooky. I don’t blame him for being freaked out.

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  2. That is a chilling tale. Well done.

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  3. He’s a psychic! Very chilling story! Great story!

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  4. Felt mysterious emotions after reading this one! Nice!

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    1. That’s the emotion I was aiming for! 😅 Glad you liked it!

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  5. Absolutely chilling. Great piece.

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