When my parents asked me if I want to go watch October with them, I was a little sceptical. One of the reason was the trailer. It did not clarify if the movie is going to be a comedy or a sensitive drama. Also, I was anxious if my parents are going to like it. At last, I went through all the Shoojit Sirkar movies on IMDb and found that I gave them all of them a 7 out of 10. I really like his flicks, they’re usually made skillfully and have moments which leave an unconscious smirk on your face. But they couldn’t hit the mark for me. October reformed this.

October is about Dan. Dan is an intern in a big hotel. He is mischievous, temperamental and sluggish. A total opposite of Shiuli. A meticulous and lovely girl who is attentive and responsible. But fate had its way and Shiuli had an accident which landed her in a coma. Dan, who rarely crosses path with Shiuli unexpectedly becomes drawn to her after her accident. The rest of the movie is an eccentric tale of Dan falling in love with Shiuli, who might not wake up ever again.

It is very tough to even visualize how someone would fall for someone like that. It’s not even a case of a fault which we have seen in some previous movies, where the person responsible for the accident finds himself/herself linked to the affected. October rather deals with Dan’s curiosity. It starts with Dan frequently visiting Shiuli. Then he starts talking to the family, the staff and the doctors. A type of connection is built when he came to know that she asked about him right before her accident. This changed a lot for Dan. The fact that a girl who he hardly knows asked about him and the remorse that he might never be able to tell her anything is the driving force of this movie. It’s one of those movies which might have a light story but is made very strong by captivating performances. Shoojit Sirkar should be given the credit for such a remarkable screenplay. One of the things that fascinate me is how the pace of the movie is kept constant but yet there is no point where you’ll be sidetracked. I was expecting a heavy melodramatic speech in the end like the one we saw in Neerja (I have no problem with Neerja, but I just feel that the whole movie is highly dependent on that one speech by Shabana Azmi in the end). But nothing like that was here, the whole movie was like a slice of life. It showed how someone can get so affected by someone’s loss that they might even start having feelings for them. The few jokes which put here and there added to the straightforwardness of the characters, especially that of Dan.


Playing Dan can easily be said to be a turning point for Varun Dhawan’s carrier. It could’ve been Badlapur but the limelight was stolen by Nawazuddin at that point. Varun has put a lot of effort into this role and it’s evidently visible. The presence of decent supporting cast helped but the movie was to be carried on his shoulders which he was able to accomplish with finesse.

October is one such beautiful movie which has a rare brilliance which won’t go unnoticed. It left me thinking about the complex human emotions and definition of unconditional attachment to someone. Last time any Bollywood movie which affected me like this was Guzaarish. For me, October is Shoojit Sirkar’s best. I hope this movie win a lot of accolades and awards and I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets Oscar buzz as well.