MV5BMjExMDE2OTIxM15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDY5NzAyNjE@._V1_QL50_SY1000_CR0,0,679,1000_AL_Grandma is a story about a teenager who accidentally gets pregnant. Afraid of telling her mother, she asks her bitter and always irritated grandmother to loan her some money for the abortion. But it turns out that the grandma is broke too and the rest of the movie follows this odd team of grandmother and granddaughter trying to come up with the money before the appointment at the clinic. The movie is directed by Paul Weitz (About a Boy, In Good Company) and stars Julia Garner and Lily Tomlin in prominent roles.

Not all grandmothers are these sweet little creatures who make you a soft sweater and prepare tasty cookies for you every time you visit them. Some of them are badass, boyfriend beating, weed consuming chill personalities. One such soul is Elle, played by Tomlin quite impeccably. The finest thing about this movie is the multifaceted relationship between the three generations of women who are at odds with each other at all time, not grasping how much of what they are, they, in fact, got from each other. It was all portrayed very subtly how each of them echoes one another.  The movie was divided into parts, like segments of a play. My favourite part is the one which is based on the complex relation and strong argument between Elle and her ex-husband, played by Sam Elliot. That was the scene which was rather intense in this otherwise breezy movie. It is an enjoyable movie which handles a big subject like abortion quite casually to make sure that the movie does not lose its true nature. Maybe that’s why it never reached the level of seriousness of Juno, but we should keep this in mind that this is quite a low budget movie for which very little publicity was done.grandma

Now, as Grandma has arrived in the directory of Amazon’s Prime Video, I would highly recommend it to anyone who just wants to see some light-hearted drama about love, relationships and family.