And Now He’s Gone

Friday Fictioneers!

PHOTO PROMPT © Jan Wayne Fields

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This is the last place where he was seen. A cyclist said he saw a kid standing there idly. He was wearing his favourite red shirt. She got to know that it happens a lot around here, kids disappearing. She would’ve never moved here if she knew. Now he’s gone. With some demon from hell, if she believes the legend.

There was a shoe lying near the trunk. She took a few steps forward. Suddenly, a hand came from behind the tree and snatched the shoe.

She was frightened. The hand was made up of small teeth, tiny kid’s teeth.

(100 words)

This demon is inspired by the one I saw in the first season of Channel Zero. Its based on the story named Candle Cove posted first on Creepypasta.


The show is average but I really liked this demon. It really is a very innovative concept. Not something which comes from nightmares, but something nightmares are made from! Isn’t it?

22 thoughts on “And Now He’s Gone

  1. I guess if she escapes that she will be forever torn between terror and the wish to leave, and the wish to stay where she last saw her son. With no body, she’ll always wonder…
    Well written story that expresses a mother’s worst nightmare.

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