6 thoughts on “Lines All Over

  1. That looks familiar – was that at the airport in Mumbai? If so, that’s one of my favourite airports – the artwork there is fantastic. I got stuck there for 12 hours due to a missed flight and spent most of that just wandering the airport and looking at the amazing artwork!

    Regardless of where it is – great photo. I love the colours – and of course the lines.

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    1. It’s actually from an ice cream place in Pune. I never had the chance to see the Mumbai Airport but I heard that they paid special attention to that new terminal. I am glad you like the photo😊

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      1. Oh funny – there’s a similar installation there – a wall full of haveli doors in colours like that.

        Pune seems like a lovely city. I have a few friends and colleagues there – I only spent a couple of days there. I’m sure I’ll be back again someday though.

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      2. It sure is a lovely place. I’ve lived here for two years and still feel there’s so much I haven’t explored.


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