Godman, Good Man?

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers!

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yarnspinnerr. Thank you Yarnspinnerr!

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After some exercise, we all were asked to lie down in the big hall, face up. The Swami was roaming around, asking us to let go of fear and tension and give our body and soul to mother earth. He walked past me, then stopped. He sat down close to my feet. He gently whispered, “Your body is very stiff. Is this your first day at the prayer hall?” I nodded.

“Don’t close your fist. And bring your legs closer together”. At the same time, he himself gently pushed my left leg towards the right. Then, I noticed he has not removed his hand from my leg.

“Focus on the fan. Synchronise your breathing with its noise.” His hands started moving upwards. I looked around but everyone had their eyes fixated on the fan. When his hand was almost on my thighs, something snapped in me. I got up and ran. Tears were streaming down my eyes, but I never looked back. I knew one thing for sure. Nobody would believe me. I was 16.

(175 words)

This little story is inspired by a recent case in India which has brought the country much shame. A godman was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. The victim had the courage to report the incident, after which a lot of people who suffered at the hands of the Godman came forward. The Godman is now serving a lifetime imprisonment. The question is, what makes someone commit a crime so heinous? And What would it say about the society if victims of such crimes are afraid to come out?

15 thoughts on “Godman, Good Man?

  1. Unfortunately, when a person is given that much power over people’s personal lives, there is a horrible temptation to abuse it for his own desires. I’m glad he was finally revealed and imprisoned.

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  2. Wow, Shivam, amazing story! I was surprised by the ending. So glad the character ran and refused to be raped by this devil-man. So sorry about the kids that were abused by that godman and so glad he was caught and punished severely.

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