Not just an old fashion camera…

What Pegman Saw!

To find amazing takes on Great Wall of China, click here.


Matt and Riley were thinking the exact same thing. This photo is going to be epic! It’s wide shot of the wall with green all around it. Matt loves bragging how he takes these amazing pictures with his old fashion camera. Riley was just happy she’ll get something for her Insta. She was waiting for Matt to set the camera and take the pic. Matt was struggling a little bit with the focal lens.

“Are you done? Can I get my picture today?”, Riley said annoyingly.

“Okay!”, bringing the camera closer to the eye, he said, “Okay!”


Matt disappeared. Riley was looking at two young Chinese guys who seems to be wearing some kind of armour. She blinked and Matt was there. She gave him a puzzling look.

“What happened?”, Matt asked.

YEAR 1632

The two soldiers were sure they saw a strange looking woman who vanished into thin air.

(150 Words)

10 thoughts on “Not just an old fashion camera…

  1. Dear Shivam,

    Matt and Riley got more than they bargained for didn’t they? One tiny suggestion to strengthen it. Instead of “Matt was gone” try “Matt disappeared” or “Matt suddenly disappeared.” Good piece.



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    1. That seems more appropriate. I’ll change it right away. Thanks Rochelle😊

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  2. That must have been quite an experience for all the characters!

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  3. I love it! These kind of stories really capture the imagination.

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  4. What fun! Time travel from both sides.

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  5. Very fun read. Enjoyed it.

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  6. Great story. Time is a funny thing.


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