No Matter What! Stealing is Bad!

Flash Fiction For Aspiring Writers!

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Yarnspinner!

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Something is wrong. They’re not letting me board the flight. I see it. It’s right there! All the other passengers have boarded, one of my friends too. Is it because I was late? It was just 10 minutes! I asked an employee but he was so nervous he couldn’t answer properly. He said there is some maintenance issue, we’ll let you know but till then stay here.

Oh my god! They know! Their camera must’ve caught me stealing that book from the bookstore. It was $45.99! For a book!

Now what?

An Indigo ground staff employee is coming towards me. What should I do! And why they’re not flying? Obviously, they are not going to let me on board, a thief. Oh! What have I done?

“I’m sorry ma’am. You cannot board this flight.”

“umm… Okay.”

“Actually, we got some Intel that some terrorists are on the flight. When we confronted them, they took out their guns which they’ve hidden on the plane itself. The plane has been hijacked.”

(167 Words)

16 thoughts on “No Matter What! Stealing is Bad!

  1. Thanks God the camera did not catch him. Great built up.

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    1. Thanks Yarnspinnerr. Great photo by the way. I’m telling you you’ll see many hijack stories this week. Lain’s is also on similar lines.

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  2. A good day to be running late! A lucky escape.

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    1. Indeed. Thanks for reading😊

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  3. Hijacking? I must have missed the memo. Mine is about time travel.

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    1. Nice! I am going to read it right now!

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  4. A nervous flyer, she had luck on her side that day. I hope that she has learnt her lesson


  5. It’s great how her conscience is getting to her for stealing the book, but then it turns out it is in her favor that she doesn’t board that plane. Great story!

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    1. Thanks! After I wrote it, I realised I just saved a thief which should not be the moral of the story. Hence, the title. πŸ˜…

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  6. Dint see that coming. I am sure she is glad that she was delayed

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    1. She sure is! Thanks for reading and commenting. 😊


  7. She was a very naughty young lady just the same! Book-jacking is very serious.

    Click to visit Keith’s Ramblings!

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    1. Being an ardent reader or novels, I do share this feeling. For me, books are priceless possessions.

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  8. Loved the twist! πŸ˜€

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    1. Thanks! I always go for twist endings. Glad it worked this time.😊


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