The Responsibilities of the Tree

Friday Fictioneer!

Every week Rochelle provide us with a picture on which we have to write a complete meaningful piece in just 100 words. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Ted Strutz. To read more stories for this prompt, click here.

Sometimes I feel my whole life revolves around this tree. I first met my husband here. He was sitting on the highest branch. I was staring at him. He extended a hand and I climbed up without hesitation. Since then this was our spot. I am certain that branch fell the same day my husband died. But I never stopped coming here.

Now that I have been diagnosed with cancer, I am pretty sure it’s leaves are withering away.

A couple is sitting on the tree now. I’ll go, but the tree will have to stay for now.

(99 words)

37 thoughts on “The Responsibilities of the Tree

      1. Although I’ve been here for a year now, I still consider myself as a beginner. It makes the appreciations much more encouraging and you remain receptive to suggestions and corrections.


  1. I think your story is very good. I love the message that life continues and there is consolation in its continuity. I’m fascinated by the way you illustrate this by describing couples climbing trees and sitting there together. It’s an unconventional thought, but emotionally very believable.

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