I started the Mission Impossible series with the sequel. Tom Cruise, with his enchanted silky hairdo, was ascending a hillside in what I can assume was Grand Canyon with this amazing background score to complement the aesthetics of that scene. I was in love with this movie there and then. After that, it was an upward trajectory. MI:3, Ghost protocol, Rogue Nation and now Fallout. It’s turning out to be the one and only thing Tom Cruise is doing right (The disastrous Mummy is in my mind) and even Paramount for that matter.

I look for class and sophistication when I go see an MI. My expectations have been sky-high since Rogue Nation. Be it Rebecca Ferguson’s charismatic character or the well-choreographed hand-to-hand combat during the climax. Christopher McQuarrie demonstrated that he can easily fill the shoes of Brad Bird. So, before even watching the trailer for Fallout, I was skeptical. The question was, what more can they do? Where else can they take the movie? The answer is, nothing seems to be impossible for McQuarrie and his brigade.

Fallout is visually stunning, jam-packed with artistic action sequences and is tremendously entertaining. Its best characteristic is the angle of morality they brought in Cruise’s character. The movie asks whether its justified that Hunt occasionally risks the lives of millions to save those few he loves. As we go, the question is answered in the most MI way – Hunt can make anything possible. The movie is so judiciously written, some of the scenes are illustrative representations of the phrase poetic justice. The supporting characters hold much importance as compared to preceding instalments in the franchise. Also, we get the cameo which we all expected, Michelle Monaghan’s Julia – the one constant in Hunt’s life. The music is on point. I like the way they keep the thematic tune almost same in all the movies with a little tweak here and there to make it refreshing but also nostalgic.

But for me, the real hero here is McQuarrie. Even the most trivial scenes are shot with perfection. They’ve gone lengths to make sure that the audience knows that Cruise did these stunts, some of which are so innovative that you’ll want to jump from your seats out of sheer exhilaration.


Almost everything works for this movie. The series is making its mark as one of the most reliable franchise, at par with Marvel and Disney movies. So, for those who want to watch something decent and something other than a superhero flick, this movie is for you.

A note to MI fans, it feels like a chapter of Hunt’s life is closing and another is opening. Thus, in this film you’ll find a number of instances when former MIs are referenced. It is highly likely that you guys will love this movie even more so. So, go check it out in your nearest theatre as soon as you can.