Friday Fictioneer!

Every week Rochelle provides us with a picture on which we have to write a complete meaningful piece in just 100 words. This week’s photo prompt is provided by Sandra Crook. To read more stories for this prompt, click here.


My daughter loved that abominable stack. She always used to climb it and we used to rush towards her to make sure she didn’t fall.

But one fateful day, she fell. And I wasn’t there to catch her.

Whenever I close my eyes, I see it all happening again. Me putting headphones on, her running outside, me getting sleepy, her falling, me sleeping while she cries in pain for my help.

Everyone has only one thing to say – “it wasn’t your fault”. But one voice says otherwise – my own.

They say time heals all wounds. But what about guilt?

(99 words)

I really liked the film Manchester By the Sea. That’s why this week I thought I can write on a similar theme. It’s very hard for a parent to find a will to live if they blame themselves for the death of a child. The pain goes away, but the guilt stays.

35 thoughts on “Blame

  1. This is a dilemma for any parent who loses a child to a preventable accident–at least, preventable in the grieving parent’s eyes. The guilt is overwhelming, and words aren’t usually helpful. You’ve done a good job of drawing that picture here.

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  2. Such a tragic story, Shivam. No way a parent would not feel guilty… heartbreaking.

    Suggestion: change your doesn’t fall to didn’t fall as the rest of the story is in the past…


  3. You can feel his pain and regret. Nice progression through the moments–and mistakes–of that fateful day, set on automatic replay in his mind. You mourn the kid but also mourn for the parent’s lost innocence.

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