searching_ver3If you’re looking for a mindblowing movie to watch this weekend, stop searching and watch Searching.

Ever since I watched John Cho in Columbus, I was in awe of his performance. After that, he proved his mettle once again in the Exorcist by acting both as a loving orphanage caretaker and a grief-stricken man possessed by a demon. So, when I heard about Searching, I was more than excited.

Searching definitely beats the expectations. Its an engrossing, edge of the seat thriller which goes through unexpected twists and turns throughout its runtime. What works the most is the emotional angle placed on the side. The troubled father-daughter relationship is subtly put in front of the audience, making it more engaging. While watching it, I found myself looking for clues, or any sign of her, as I wanted her to find his daughter. The film has this much tension to grip your attention. The presence of Cho adds to the charm of it. The supporting casts, especially Debra Messing, did justice with what little time they were on screen, as it was a full-on John Cho’s show. Along with all this, the background music from start to finish perfectly reflects the mood of every scene. The effectiveness of skilful direction is clearly visible. I’m sure, Chaganty will be getting a lot of work now that Searching is being praised everywhere.

One thing, Searching is no Columbus. But it comes close. It is one tight thriller which won’t allow you to check your phones or look at your friend emptying the popcorn bucket. So, if you got time this weekend, do not miss this. I’ll even go and say miss your work and watch it, as its one kickass movie deserving to be watched in theatres.

Search - Still 1

“There was a storm on Monday!”